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Available as both posters and postcards.

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Dr. Simon Reed, the school psychologist at a Midwestern university, is asked to evaluate and take on the case of Katie, a freshman with a troubling condition. Night terrors, dissociative behavior, and speaking in languages with which she is unfamiliar have led to her being nicknamed "The Scary Girl". Reports of objects flying off shelves and Katie "climbing" them come to light causing roommates to move out and the university to move in as they turn Simon to quickly --and quietly-- resolve the situation. Partnered with a skeptical grad assistant and encouraged by an old friend-turned priest, Simon must help the young girl face her demons, perhaps literally, and shore up his own faith in the face of a devastating tragedy at home.

Forced to take a leap of faith, Simon struggles with what increasingly appears to be an otherworldly force that threatens the very pillars of his existence -- the world of science and his family.

His choices will have repercussions that will forever change how he sees the world and his role in it.

North American performance rights currently available.

Available as both posters and postcards. Contact for pricing.